Raise Your Voice against Violence towards Women and Children

The “16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children”-campaign commences on 25 November 2016. The campaign is a United Nations initiative and runs from 25 November – 10 December annually, on a global scale.

The 2016 UNiTE campaign focuses on the need for sustainable financing for efforts to end violence against women and girls as set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

For more info on the UN’s campaign, visit the link below:


CFJ’s campaign:

Cause For Justice supports this worldwide campaign and will be launching its own campaign during the 16 days called R16 days of Activism: Raise your voice!”

We will be raising awareness regarding the negative effects of violence against women and children, our most vulnerable groups, on society as a whole. Look out for our campaign on our social media platforms where we will be providing information on how you can get involved to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

On Friday 25 November 2016, on the first day of the global “16 Days”-campaign, CFJ handed over a Memorandum with comment on the Films and Publications Amendment Bill in Parliament. The Memorandum refers to the impact that the Films and Publications Amendment Bill will have on the perpetration of sexual violence against women and children. View CFJ’s Memorandum here. For more information on the Bill and our Say No to Online Pornography Cause, which focuses on the harms of pornography and the impact thereof on women and children, read here.

A newspaper article regarding the Memorandum may be viewed here.

Objectives of CFJ’s 16 Days campaign:
  • Raise awareness of the issue.
  • Focus on accountability and how key role players must step up to initiate change.
  • Invite all South Africans to participate in this campaign to fight violence against women and children.
  • Use social media as a platform by posting information such as statistics, active involvement strategies to partake in during the 16 days of activism, share help lines and other useful information.

Where to get help

Abuse reporting is a social responsibility. It is your responsibility to report any women or child abuse you are aware of, or suspect, is taking place as follows:

  • Sexual Offences: Your closest police station who will notify the SAPS Family Violence and Sexual Offences Unit
  • Physical abuse/Domestic Violence: Your closest police station or the Provincial Department of Social Development.
  • Neglect: Provincial Department of Social Development
  • Child labour: Police or the Department of Labour
  • Human trafficking: South Africa is a source and a destination. Human trafficking grows by the minute and exceeds the sale of drugs and weapons combined. Contact the police, http://www.stoptrafficking.org.za and/or www.psaru.co.za.


  • SAPS Crime Stop: 08600 10111
  • Gender-Based Violence Command Centre: 0800 428 428/0800 GBV GBV
  • STOP Gender Violence Helpline: 0800 150 150/ *120*7867# from any cell phone
  • Childline- Report child abuse: 0800 055 555
  • SA National Council for Child Welfare: Tel: (011) 339 5741
  • Crisis Line: 0861 574747
  • National Crisis Line- Counselling Service: 086 132 2322
  • AIDS Helpline: 0800 012 322 / 011 725 6710
  • Human trafficking: 08000 737 283 (08000 rescue) / 082 455 3664


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