Will the decriminalisation of adult prostitution do more harm than good?

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Will the decriminalisation of adult prostitution do more harm than good? Recent developments In December 2017, a resolution to decriminalise adult prostitution was adopted at the ANC National Elective Conference. The adoption of the resolution signals an intention to completely depart from the current South African legal position that prostitution…

The king is dead… Emancipating (enslaving) and (dis)empowering women

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Blog in response to Parliamentary Debate: National Women’s Day: The emancipation and empowerment of women – 18 October 2017 What Hefner tried to sell as emancipating and empowering, history and research has shown to be utterly enslaving and profoundly disempowering.   The king is dead… On 27 September, Hugh Hefner died….

Religion in Public Schools: THE BAD NEWS ABOUT THE GOOD NEWS

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Religion in Public Schools: THE BAD NEWS ABOUT THE GOOD NEWS A warning to all School Governing Bodies (ONLY PUBLIC SCHOOLS) Earlier this month, Cause for Justice, communicated its decision to not launch a public interest appeal on limited grounds, mainly because of 3 inter-related reasons, which were: The outcome…

Eradicating sexual violence against women: HOW SERIOUS IS SOUTH AFRICA REALLY ABOUT IT? (Women’s Month 2017)

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If we are serious about eradicating violence against women, we cannot be lax about eradicating the production and distribution of pornography in our society. Root causes To eradicate violence against women and children, too often in the form of sexual violence and often resulting in the death of the victims…

Religion in Public Schools: The High Court has ruled… Now What?

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In our view, the court’s decision has affirmed the place of religion in the public sphere, specifically in public schools, whilst requiring schools to not brand themselves in a manner that could be excluding of minorities. Cause for Justice (‘CFJ’) was a “friend of the court” (amicus curiae party), joined…

South Africa’s national minimum wage could hurt small firms and rural workers

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  Authors: Dieter Von Fintel (member of Cause for Justice managing committee) and Marlies Piek (PhD Candidate, Stellenbosch University).  * This article was originally published at and is republished with kind permission of the author. South Africa will formally adopt a national minimum wage of US$1.5 (ZAR20.00) per hour on Workers’…

The object of Truth

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In a world that is consumed with a high sense of self and the paramount validity of one’s own feelings and desires, our concept of and openness to the existence of objective truth often becomes blurry. If emotions alone inform our decisions, instead of objective truths, the potential for irrational decisions…

“Ho, Heigh-Ho: Off to Court we go!”

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A day in the life of the Cause for Justice Team      By now it is well-known that the South African Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein (SCA) on 6 December 2016 confirmed that Euthanasia is unlawful. Cause for Justice (CFJ) was a party to this legal battle from…

The Supreme Court of Appeal declares Euthanasia unlawful in South Africa

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On 6 December 2016 the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) unanimously overturned the judgment of the Pretoria High Court given in May 2015. Judge Hans Fabricius in May last year opened the door to legalised euthanasia and physician assistance in the commission of suicide. On Tuesday, however, the SCA by…

Democracy and the fruits of our future

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Today we celebrate the International Day of Democracy. Democracy is as much a process as a goal and this year, South Africa celebrates 22 years of democracy. In 1996, two years after our country’s first democratic elections and after much debate and public consultation, our Constitution was promulgated. Our Constitution…