A Matter of Life and Death

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A story that has made headlines the past week is that of a young mother, who not only tried to commit suicide, but who also assisted her 9-year-old son in trying to do so. Both attempts failed. It is reported that the child suffered from depression, however you have to…

Freedom is having a choice, but what will we do with it..?

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Tomorrow, our country commemorates Freedom Day, which marks the emancipation of our country and its people. On this day, in 1994, our country held its first democratic elections, following a lifelong struggle for many to obtain the freedoms long regarded as inherent to all human beings. As we celebrate this…

Our fearless Chief Justice

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Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng was appointed by President Zuma in 2011 under great scrutiny. Even DA leader, Helen Zille, was among the critics. After attending the JSC (Judicial Service Commission) hearing during February this year, held in Cape Town, she admitted “I was wrong”. She described our Chief Justice as “a…

O-G-O-D v 6 public schools: Will the courts take a secular stance or stay neutral?

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Should the South African public sphere be regarded as “non-secular” (as stated in the National Policy on Religion and Education)? It has been speculated by several lawyers and legal researchers that Organisasie vir Godsdienste-Onderrig en Demokrasie v 6 public schools (O-G-O-D) (to be heard in the Gauteng High Court) will…

Pornography: Destructive or harmless?

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 1 Basis for evaluation Earlier this year the legal battle (Cause for Justice and 2 Others v ICASA and ODM and Others) to remove pornography from pay television in South Africa concluded with the suspension of StarSat’s adult content bouquet. In the process, however, it became clear that diverging camps…