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The Film and Publication Board (FPB) has compiled a Draft Online Content Regulation Policy (Policy) in terms of the Films and Publications Act, 1996, in order to protect children online. The objectives of this Policy is two-fold, namely, to create a framework to enable speedy classification of digital content distributed online and to create an opportunity for co-regulation with industry role-players (online distributors) for the classification of online digital content. The mandate of the FPB is to protect children from exposure to disturbing and harmful material and from premature exposure to adult experiences.

The FPB has invited the public to comment on the policy by no later than 15 July 2015. Download and view the draft policy here.

What CFJ is doing to assist the FPB

Cause for Justice (CFJ) upholds the rights of the children of our country and as part of our organisation’s core values we contend that all of society is responsible for the well-being of our people, especially, the most vulnerable. Children are a particularly vulnerable grouping in our society. We fight for the preservation of every child’s innocence, quality of life and protection. CFJ is therefor taking a stand in support of the classification of online content as we deem it necessary to protect all children in South Africa from being taken advantage of online.

CFJ handed in a submission with comments on the draft policy to the FPB. The submission will hopefully assist the FPB in their endeavor to protect South African children from being exposed to disturbing and harmful online content prematurely and from the risk of being lured into and used in the production of child pornography. CFJ is also running a petition to show support for the Online Regulatory Policy.

As adults, we all have a responsibility to protect our children, to ensure that they receive all the rights and privileges needed to help them grow their full potential, to help reach their dreams, to help them love, care and respect others. We must guard their innocence, their hope and increase their safety and security.

Please sign CFJ’s petition in favour of the Online Regulatory Policy in order to protect children online.

NOTE: We have extended the date of the petition to 25 July 2015. The FPB is holding a public consultation on the draft policy on 25 July in Khayelitsha.


CFJ’s submission to the FPB 14 July 2015 [pdf]

Addendum to the submission [pdf]




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