Fifty Shades Campaign

Cause For Justice sent a letter to the Minister in charge of the Films and Publications Board to urge her to appeal the 16 LNS classification by the FPB on 17 February. Currently, the only way to appeal a classification made by the FPB is when the Minister appeals the rating. The main concern of CFJ about the 16 classification is that the film’s plot is that of dysfunctional and abusive intimate partner relationships. The relationship in the film is characterised by bondage, domination, sadism, control, manipulation and emotional abuse of the woman by the man. This general relational condition is then also expressed in sexual behaviour (BDSM). The theme and content is highly disturbing for many adults and much more so for children. Abusive behaviour in sexual relationships between men and women is portrayed as “normal”. CFJ is of the opinion that Fifty Shades of Grey (the film) normalises abuse in sexual relationships and de-sensitises individuals – especially undiscerning children – to its place in society.

Individuals that would like to request the Minister to appeal the classification by the FPB can e-mail the Minister with that request.

CFJ’s letter to the Minister:

Request for urgent appeal letter to Minister [pdf]
Annexure A  [pdf]
Annexure B [pdf]


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